Travis C. Avery

T: (306) 525-2191

Travis Avery was born and raised in Regina. Travis attended Campbell Collegiate in the French immersion program. He attained the highest average in French language courses during his final year, and graduated as a Greystone Scholar.

Travis then moved to Saskatoon to further his education at the University of Saskatchewan. He initially studied Finance at the Edward’s School of Business (formerly the College of Commerce). During this period Travis’ studious habits paid off: he consistently found himself on the Dean’s List, and regularly tutored his classmates in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and corporate finance.

After his third year of university Travis was accepted into the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. He was fortunate enough to receive one of three Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Merit Based Entrance Scholarships. At the College of Law Travis demonstrated particular acumen in the study of Profession Ethics, Oil & Gas Law, and Criminal Procedure. Travis also studied in the fields of Corporate Law, Debtor Creditor Law, and Administrative Law.

During his third and final year of law school Travis participated in the Study Abroad Exchange Program. He spent a semester in Iceland at the University of Akureyri studying legal history, legal philosophy, and international law. He also managed to find time to immerse himself in the Icelandic culture and learned a considerable amount of the native language.

Upon returning to Canada, Travis devoted his final semester of law school to participating in the College’s Moots. A Moot is essentially simulated court; students prepare and present arguments to a fictitious court. Travis acted as both the judge and the advocate. He sat on one of the panels that evaluated the first year law students’ moot. As a part of this process Travis prepared a written decision of the case for the first year students. As an advocate Travis participated in the Davies Corporate Securities Moot in Toronto. The Davies Moot is a simulated appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada on an emerging corporate securities issue. Travis and his team members competed against twelve other Canadian law schools to place fifth overall.

Travis completed his articles with Willows Wellsch in October, 2015 and is an active member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan.